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Interphones for buildings, houses and apartments.

Intercoms for all types of facilities

We offer all types of intercoms and video intercoms for all types of buildings and for all purposes. In our selection, it is possible to find products from several renowned global equipment manufacturers, and everyone will be able to find exactly what suits...

Interphones for buildings, houses and apartments.

Intercoms for all types of facilities

We offer all types of intercoms and video intercoms for all types of buildings and for all purposes. In our selection, it is possible to find products from several renowned global equipment manufacturers, and everyone will be able to find exactly what suits them best. For all the equipment we offer, we are also able to provide technical support in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. We are sure that you will also choose something for yourself and that the device you have chosen from us will completely satisfy your needs.

Handphones from Commax

The Commax company has been producing intercoms and video intercoms for almost 50 years, and today we can safely say that they produce the best intercoms in the world. Whether you need a small and simple intercom system for one or two users, or you need a system for a 10-story apartment building, Commax has a solution. We offer both small and large systems. Commax enables combinations between audio and video intercoms, installation is very simple and systems are flexible.

Design, design, design…

We especially highlight the Commax series of intercoms. At Commax, the greatest attention has always been paid to the aesthetic component of the device. Although Commax's main asset has always been the exceptional quality and unsurpassed durability of devices in the modern world, this is simply not enough anymore. Without an attractive design that will enhance any space, a quality product simply has no chance. European designers are responsible for the beautiful, attractive and artistic impression of Commax devices. Korean manufacturer and European design = great and attractive product.

Commax offer

We offer video doorphones and doorphones of top quality and beautiful design that will serve faithfully for many years and will delight you again and again with their crystal picture and impeccable sound.

Extended warranty

We offer a three-year warranty on all intercoms and video intercoms that were purchased through legal distribution channels. The extended warranty coversCommax devices and all possible malfunctions (and their free removal) on the devices that could possibly occur during normal and everyday operation of the device as long as it is used for the purposes for which it is intended. Of course, it is expected that the device is mounted correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The Commax video intercom almost never needs a warranty because it simply always works flawlessly...



  • Audio intercoms

    Audio intercoms for installation in buildings

    Commax offers a whole range of quality, beautiful, resistant and long-lasting audio intercoms and intercoms for all types of business and private facilities. Audio intercoms from Commax are completely reliable and "error free" products with a three-year warranty. Installation and maintenance are very simple. Operating the built-in system is very intuitive and does not require the user to have any prior knowledge or technical education.

    Intercom system for building access control

    Controlling entry into the building is a way of primary protection of the building from devastation, but also from various other negative phenomena and criminal acts. Statistics clearly show that criminal acts of burglary, attempted burglary, assault and brazen robbery are about 10 times less frequent in facilities that have audio intercoms installed. The audio intercom simply prevents (or at least makes it significantly more difficult) for unwanted visitors to enter the building. Each user is able to manage the entrance door from his apartment so that he can only let in the building or house the one he really wants to let in.

    Additional options and extensions

    As an additional option of audio intercom systems, Commax also offers the option of opening the front door using a card or key fob. In practice, this means that tenants do not have to open the door with a key every time, but can simply bring their card or pendant to the reader, and the system will open the door for them. A very convenient option.

  • Video intercoms

    Commax video intercoms

    Commax video intercoms are truly a perfect combination of refined elegance, top performance, great product quality and finish. Each Commax video intercom really enhances the space in which it is installed. Commax has been successfully developing video intercoms for half a century, and that cannot be by chance.

    General compatibility

    All monitors from the Commax offer are compatible with all external units equipped with a camera and can be combined in all combinations. It is also possible to replace the old monitor with a new one or replace the monitors in two apartments, in case the tenants so wish.

    Easy to use

    Commax video intercoms are extremely easy to operate and maintain. Although they are characterized by numerous options and various possibilities, the basic functions of the video intercom, such as talking to a visitor and opening (or not opening) the door, are always within reach.

    Extensions of video intercom systems

    Video intercom systems from the Commax offer can be expanded with additional audio headsets that can also be used to communicate with the visitor, manipulate the lock on the front door or communicate with the main monitor (that is, the person standing in front of it). It is possible to install several monitors that work together in the system.

  • Intercom kits

    <h2>Intercom packages: audio and video intercoms</h2>
    <p>Intercom packages in the Commax offer are a popular way of acquiring intercom equipment. We offer packages of intercom and video intercom equipment intended for equipping buildings. Through several simple equipment packages, Commax tries to be more accessible for installation in new buildings.</p>
    <p><em><strong>Why intercom packages</strong></em></p>
    <p>Purchasing an intercom or video intercom system as a package is much more affordable than buying a system by individual components. Through the package, prompt delivery to the construction site is ensured, and there will certainly be no delays in the delivery of equipment and deadlines. Buying through packages is intended for professionals who want to stick to deadlines and secure equipment when it suits them best. In short, Intercom packages are a great way to purchase equipment under favorable conditions.</p>

  • Intercom accessories

    Accessories for intercom and video intercom systems

    Original Commax accessories primarily include roofs to protect outdoor units from atmospheric influences, especially rain and snow. In addition to roofs, the offer also includes pumps for closing doors, rectifiers and power supplies, electrical receivers and the like.

    Accessories for protection against rain and snow

    Original Commax accessories for intercoms and video intercoms are designed to further extend the life of an already durable and high-quality product. By installing the original Commax accessories for intercoms and video intercoms, the mechanical strength of the external unit of the system is significantly increased. Commax accessories are primarily designed to provide protection to external units, but the aesthetic component is not and cannot be neglected either.

    Power sources

    The power sources for Commax intercoms and video intercoms that we offer are stabilized rectifiers fully compatible with any Commax intercom or video intercom system from our offer.


    We offer several electric receivers that fit most of the wishes of our partners and meet almost every request made by users. The electric receivers that we offer are, like everything from the Commax range, extremely high-quality and long-lasting. We have electric receivers that work on direct current or alternating current, with or without a mechanical brake.

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